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    Skins book. Read 91 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. This novel follows the 8 protagonists of series 3 and the forthcoming series. novel 1 ali cronin magikanore pdf - skins the novel 1 ali cronin magikanore sitemap index there are a lot of books, literatures, user manuals, and . Skins: The Novel is the first book to be released based on the SKINS THE NOVEL 1 ALI CRONIN skins the novel 1 pdf Skin is a.

    Clumsy bastard. He moved closer to me. Pressed his face way too bloody near mine. I pushed his hand off, but struggled with myself not to smile, just a bit. The thing about Cook is that he is bloody irresistible. The opposite of me. In a sick kind of way, obviously. You know that. I turned. Emily was standing there. Big eyes looking doubtful. Well, in his own twisted way. She followed me through a mass of grinding silhouettes towards the Ladies. As we got to the door, I kissed her, really softly, then firmly found her tongue.

    While Anthea is away she leaves a telephone message for Effy and mentions that she's staying a little while longer in Italy with Aldo. Plot Summary Cook and Freddie are still moping over Effy while pretending not to. Each are sleeping with other girls and have a contest over it. Cook sleeps with more, but neither really win. JJ is caught in the middle as the referee.

    Apparently, Freddie was the one who rejected Effy in favour of Cook. He obviously regrets this a bit but isn't ready to see her again, though he is obviously still in love.

    He makes a kind of peace with Katie over the Effy situation near the end of the book. Cook is still acting crazy and hasn't changed, but you see he is vulnerable over Effy and still in love with her too. He's still very close to Freddie and JJ, even if there is tension with Freddie.

    He's also hanging out with Naomi, who makes it very clear she is just his friend and doesn't fancy him at all. In fact she feels sorry for him, while finding him either amusing or annoying. Effy is in Italy with her mum on holiday. She's emotionally messed up with the guilt over the guys and pining a bit for Freddie. This causes her to develop a crush on some older man who she chases but he ends up sleeping with her mum instead. This makes her have an almost mini breakdown, but by the next day she's pretending everything is fine.

    Truth is she is scared to see Freddie again and of her feelings for him. Katie is still messed up over the Freddie and Effy thing as well, so while in France with the Fitches, she is sleeping with loads of guys. Emily realises Katie is vulnerable and confronts about the sleeping around. He raised his eyebrows. They hate me. Particularly the evil twin.

    JJ leant across Freddie. Its strange. Even though theyre identical I sometimes forget that Katies Emilys sister, he said. His face lit up: Hey Freds, weve had sexual intercourse with twins! Its like a porn film. His smile dropped. I mean, from what I hear. Freddie wiped his hand over his face. Not funny, he said. I still feel shit about that. I wouldnt bother, I said. Katies a total bitch. She deserved everything she got.

    Shes not that bad, replied Freddie. Then, seeing my expression, I mean, maybe shes got some issues and shit. Whereas Effys a totally fucking well-adjusted human being, I said, Without thinking. Freddie folded his arms across his chest and hunched his shoulders. What the fuck is that supposed to mean? Youve got to question the mental health of someone who would knock a girl unconscious just so that she can fuck her boyfriend in a tent.

    I sniffed. Thats all. You know fuck all about it, said Freddie angrily. Just mind your own fucking business. JJ stared intently at the label on his water bottle. Fine I raised my plastic glass at him. Bye then. As I left half an hour later, I passed Freddie with a girl Called Ashley, who lives next door but one to me and cuts my Mums hair for her.

    They were leaning up against the side of the club. She had her skirt up round her waist, her legs wrapped tight around him, her tits on show. He was fucking her hard, his buttocks pumping fiercely back and forth as she panted into the air. Jesus, I muttered to myself. Get me out of here. She moved barefoot over to her bed.

    I whispered. She looked across at me. Youre still awake? Couldnt sleep. Thinking about stuff.

    She didnt answer at first, just tugged off her dress and her bra and got under the sheet. I lay watching her. Why are you being weird? I was trying to have a conversation with you I said wearily. I wont bother again. Katie writhed a bit under her cover.

    Its bloody boiling in here. She wriggled to get comfortable and bashed her pillow aggressively, eventually lying down to face me. So, she said. Lets converse. I was thinking about you today, thats all. You know, we havent exactly been getting on lately. Whose fault is that? Youve totally turned against me since youve been with her. And she hates my guts.

    Yeah, right and you were always her biggest fucking fan, werent you? Well, she was creepy. Staring at you all the time. I sat up.

    How many times do I have to tell you. It was me. Me who wanted Naomi. She didnt do anything. Katie said, annoyingly breezy. Whatever you say. I needed to shut this down. You have a good night I asked changing tack.

    You actually give a shit, do you? OK, then. If you really want to know. I spent the evening with a six-foot brick shithouse squaddy called Shane. No brain cells whatsoever, but abs of steel.

    She paused. My jaw is in fucking agony. He held my head down while I was sucking him off. And he took bloody hours to come.

    Well I hope he repaid the favour, I said, lamely. Not really. Bit of a one-way street. She yawned. But frankly, l was too exhausted to care. Katie, why do you do this? Because theres nothing else to do and Im bored. Because it stops me thinking about how fucking ordinary I am. She didnt look at me. Does that answer your question, you smug cow? You dont need to- Yes. She pushed the sheet right off her now, and even in the moonlight I could see the massive bruise coming up on thigh, Yes, I do need to.

    I need to because I have nothing else, and I want to have something, you understand? Be good for something. I didnt know what to say. It was just too bloody bleak.

    I got out of my bed and stood looking over hers. Shove over, then? Katie moved to let me get in next to her. Carefully bypassing her bruise, I put one arm over her stomach and squeezed her waist. Dont try any of that lezzer stuff with me she said. I do draw the line somewhere. But I felt her fingers threading through mine, and I smiled into the darkness. Tomorrow, I said. Were gonna do something different. A pause. Im bored with this shithole already.

    Are you serious? You and me? Why not? We used to quite like each other. True She sat up in bed and regarded me. Lets do it.

    I smiled, then sleepily turned over and closed my eyes. Night Em, she said, turning the other way. Sleep tight. I listed to Emilys phone ring and ring and go to voicemail for the fifth fucking time. I didnt leave a message. Id already left two. I got up and paced my bedroom. I was so wound up, if someone had touched me id probably have burst into flames. My idea of a fucking nightmare.

    Me, getting so worked up over another human being. Fuck you, Emily, I thought. I wish Id never fucking met you. Mums voice came from downstairs. Want some tea? I hesitated, took a few deep breaths. Calm down, calm down.

    It doesnt matter. Shes probably at the beach or something. Shes not deliberately not phoning you. Be down in a sec. I looked at myself in the mirror and pushed my fingers through my hair. Im growing it out. Its at the shit stage right now. Apparently, so am I.

    I got downstairs to find Kieran at the dinning-room table. He was looking through a sheaf of papers. Mine could be in there somewhere. Give me an A, Kieran, I said. Family discount. He looked troubled for a second, then laughed awkwardly. Ah, right. I see. Very funny, Naomi. He picked up his mug and slurped some tea. Youd get one anyway, of course. Youre my star pupil. Yeah yeah, I said. I tiptoed behind him to look over his shoulder.

    Lets have a look. He clutched the coursework to his chest. Youve got to be fucking joking. I sat back down. Worth a try sighed. For a few moments there Id forgotten I was a paranoid wreck.

    Maybe hanging out with Kieran was the way to go. Wheres Mum? I asked him. Oh shes. He was circling a paragraph in red pen. I waited. He finished scribbling in the margin and looked up Ah, yes. Shes out in the garden I think. He trailed off again.

    I gave up and poured myself some tea. We sat in what youd call companionable silence for five minutes, until he finally put the lid back on his pen and stuffed the papers in his tatty old leather bag.

    So, Naomi, he said brightly. What are you going to do with the rest of your life? I puffed my cheeks then blew all the air out. Funny you should say that. He regarded me seriously. You strike me as the kind of girl whod have a plan, he said, making air quotes with his fingers. My lips twitched. What a tosser a well-meaning tosser.

    He was still gazing at me undeterred. I exhaled loudly again. I did, kind of. Whatever, I said, rocking on my chair.

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    Well, are you applying to universities next term? Is this an official careers interview? I said, beginning to feel irritated. Kieran smiled, but didnt answer. Yes I will probably be applying to uni, I said, finally. I dont fucking know, OK? I dont know what Im going to do.

    I put my head in my hands. Bloody Emily Making me unsure. I lifted my head. Kieran was skinning up. Here, he said, lighting the spliff and handing it to me. Try to chillax or whatever you young people say. This time I laughed out loud. We certainly dont fucking say that! Come on, I said. Out with it. He gestured for the spliff. Look, its none of my business but it seems to me that if you didnt apply for university youd be betraying yourself.

    He paused to have a toke. You have ambition, Naomi, thats fucking obvious. And its not aimless I want to be famous shite. Its real. You have the potential 16 and, while you dont necessarily need to go to university to achieve what you want, I think that thats where you want to start.

    If you deny yourself that. He tailed off and got up from the table. He started rooting around in the Pile of Stuff by the toaster and took out a piece of paper from among the takeaway menus, bills and issues-based flyers that Mum had yet to Blu-Tack to the windows.

    I could feel something stirring in me. I was flattered. By Kieran, of all people. Flattered; and embarrassed. Here, he said. I printed this out for you. It was advertising an open day right here in Bristol for politics courses at Yale, as in American university.

    Nothing to lose, said Kieran. Maybe, I said nonchalantly, staring at the ad, absorbing every detail. Up to you, of course. He dragged on the last bit of spliff and stubbed it out in the ashtray. But clarity of thought is vital at this point in your life.

    However seductive certain. My head was doing total fucking battle with my heart. This plan did not include Emily. But Emily had made me happier than Id ever been. Thanks Kieran, I said, putting the ad in bag. Ill give it some serious thought. I went back upstairs and lay on my bed.

    I dug the ad out of my bag again and scanned it. Excitement and possibility mingled with guilt. I picked up my pressed redial. Hi, this is Emily. Not here. Back soon, You know what to do! I sighed heavily and turned on to my back.

    Dont do this to me, please, I whispered, still clutching the future in my hand. I really, really need a wee. No answer Jesus. Was she still sulking? I banged on the door, which swung open to reveal an empty bathroom.

    I stared, Confused. What the fuck? Maybe shes just gone out for a walk, or down to reception? I thought. I phoned reception, and after five minutes of laughably bad communication with the guy manning the desk, ascertained that Katie had not been seen since he had come on duty.

    At am. I put down the phone and say taking deep breaths on the bed. Her side looked like it hadnt been slept in.

    Skins Novel

    I scanned the room. And she had taken all her things. Dont panic, I whispered to myself. But where was she? I thought about the night before.

    Her in the club. Never seen like that before. Kind of defeated. That horrible bitchy argument late at night. I was furious because she wouldnt let me use her phone. I brought my fist down hard on the bed. Fucking Katie, why did she have to be such a fucking drama queen? I went to my bag and pulled out some clothes. She couldnt have gone far. I thought about phoning Mum, but decided to leave it a while.

    Shed only give me a bollocking for being horrid to poor little Katie. But I was shaking as I stood in the lift to go down. If shed been attacked? She was good at giving it the big feisty one, but she wasnt that tough.

    I stabbed at the button for the ground floor. Hurry the fuck up! I needed to get out and find my sister. Looking for Katie Ma soeur est perdu, I said for the hundredth time. Elle est comme moi. I pointed to my face. Vous avez elle vu? Fuck knew if that was right, but people seemed to get the idea. The girl behind the till shrugged.

    Nope, she hadnt seen her either. No one had seen her. I didnt even know why I was asking in this shop, except it was near our hotel. Racks of dusty vintage clothes were so not Katies thing. I gave up. My stomach rumbled loudly. Excusez moi, I muttered to a customer just coming in to the shop.

    I really need to get something to eat. I felt like I was about to pass out. I walked for a block until I came across a quiet little caf on the corner of the street. I pushed through the door.

    It was tiny, the walls covered with giant canvases of contemporary art, plants everywhere, and a mismatched collection of tables and chairs. Bashed-up velvet were strewn over an old leather sofa and there was an ancient jukebox in the corner.

    I liked it.

    A tall, severe-looking girl wearing a tight leather dress was making coffee behind the counter. She looked up and smiled at me as I eyed the array of giant pastries on the bar. Bonjour Ca va? Queest-ce que tu veux, cherrie? Ca va, I smiled back, climbing up on to a counter stool by the window. Un pain au raisin et. A couple of girls were sitting along from me at the bar, deep in conversation. As I sat waiting for my food, one of them raised her head to look me up and down.

    I looked away feeling selfconscious. When my pastry arrived I couldnt get it into my mouth fast enough. I chewed quickly, staring ahead of me. Some jazz was playing quietly in the background.

    I took gulps of my coffee, and then sat back. A wave of tiredness washed over me, but I fought it. I needed more caffeine. I couldnt afford to relax. She started taking money out of her purse and shoved some cons on the counter. Theres nothing more to say. I cant do this now. She gathered up her bag and jumped of the stool. Sara, wait, said her friend. Call me- But the girl was outside already. I quickly studied the coffee machine. Sil vous plait, I asked the waitress.

    Un autre. I pointed at my coffee. Oui, she said, friendly. You are English? That obvious? That girl next to me swivelled round on her stool. You know, your French is really OK, she said. At least you make the effort. She exchanged a strange look with the waitress, who had started making my coffee.

    So said the girl. My name is Anna. Emily We stuck our hands out at each other awkwardly and shook. You are on holiday? She was a few years older than me, with dark blonde hair in a kind of forties movie-star swathe and immaculate red lipstick. Just a few days in Paris.

    I am actually looking for my sister. She disappeared last night. Her eyes widened. Oh no, she said, concerned. Do you have a picture? Maybe it is I have seen her someplace. I shook my head. I dont have a photo, but shes my twin. She looks like me. And we lay in silence, little fingers entwined. I touched her neck with my fingertip. I slowly stroked her skin from under her ear to her smooth, pale shoulder.

    I smiled. I've been smiling a lot lately. I turned on to my back and looked up at the ceiling, then around her bedroom. Naomi's room is wicked. It's much cooler than mine. Or rather the one I share with Katie.

    With its inane fucking footballers and boybands on the walls. Her My Little Ponies are still on the windowledge, too, with all her horrible jewellery and leopardskin thongs hanging off them. I just let Katie take over because, well And I never used to mind either.

    But now I've finally grown a pair and started standing up to her. And it doesn't seem like there's any turning back now. I carried on looking, and smiling. I just couldn't believe my luck. Couldn't believe that the girl I loved loved me back. For a while I thought it would never happen. I've liked Naomi since middle school. She's passionate, and clever. And her eyes Some people think she's cold. Just because she doesn't make stupid, shallow small talk.

    Not like Katie, who opens her mouth and crap pours out. Naomi is sincere. If people think that means "cold" then they're wrong. They are so wrong. I yawned loudly. Then left Naomi's hand on my arm. What time is it? She was rubbing her eyes. Then she stopped and we just looked at each other. Slow smiles creeping over both of our faces. What do you want for breakfast?

    I was tingling with pleasure. I took her hand and led it down to where I wanted it. She hesitated and then her fingers started to do their work. Oh my God, this is fucking heaven, I thought. I am in heaven. Two hours later we were in the cafe having breakfast. Naomi: rabbit-food muesli, me: a huge sausage and ketchup sandwich. Naomi was eyeing my food with a smirk on her face.

    You should try it Naomi You have no idea what you're missing. An old bloke eating a full English looked over at us and frowned. He picked up his paper and held it pointedly in front of his face.

    Naomi rolled her eyes and pushed away her rabbit food. Her face glum all of a sudden. Naomi pouted. At first," she said, straight-faced. She looked so delicious. I wanted to take a bite out of her. My stomach was flipping over and over. We can't all have mothers like yours. I mean, I needed to get my head around it for fuck's sake. I s'pose I can't blame her. Not completely.

    It's the only way it's going to sink in. She's my sister, you dirty bitch. I had three in which to kick my heels and obsess over what Emily was doing, who she was with.

    I thought about her mum, whod be on full anti -gay offensive. And Katie, sly cow. Obviously shed casting her own evil spells. Emil y seems to think that Katie would lay off the total bitchery shes been practising over us lately. But Im not so sure. Ive taken her twin away from her. Thats how she sees it. She cant stand me. Feelings fucking mutual. Mum and Kieran were eating in the kitchen when I Finally came downstairs after two hours of lying depressed on my bed, listening to a medley of loud, thrash metal tracks on my iPod.

    Cheer up, Naomi, might never happen. Mum looked up as I came in. Gave me one of her half-sympathetic, half-exasperated looks.

    Hello love, she said. Feeling OK? I grunted and pulled back a chair. Kieran eyed me warily.

    Hes never quite sure whether or not Im going to grass him up over the unfortunate incident in the classroom last term, when hed tried to smog me. At the time I was totally outraged of course, because its fucking illegal for a start.

    But Kierans OK. I never thought Id say this, but he makes her happy. And, indirectly, that has meant that all those sad losers who used to occupy our house like it was some kind of bloody commune have finally got the fuck out of here.

    Sit down then. Have some food, said Mum. Emily get off alright? A vision of Emily and me in my bed earlier popped into my head. I couldnt help a small smile creeping over my face. Emily got off all right. I inspected the casserole in front of me, but decided against it. Now I need to get a holiday job; I cant just sit around here all day. Mum swapped worried looks with Kieran.

    They obviously didnt want me hanging around the house either. Not judging by the amount of time they were spending in Mums bedroom anyway. Bit of a buzz kill, having Naomi No Mates staring sadly into space. See, this is precisely what I totally fucking hate about relationships. You don't belong to yourself any more. You're sharing with someone else. So when they're not there, a part of you fades out with them. But I've got what I wanted, haven't I?

    Better than moping? You're normally so level-headed. Putting up with your fucking do-gooding.

    Being "level-headed". What about me acting like I want for a change? If you don't like it, tough.

    Kieran gazed desperately up at the ceiling. Poor sod. You go back to bed,' I said. I watched her loading the dishwater, wondering if I might have gone a bit over the top. Not that I was going to apologize. Finally Mum switched the kitchen light off, pretending she couldnt see my eyes boring into her. As she passed my chair she stopped and bent down level with my chin. Dont be so angry, Naomi, she whispered. Its only love.

    Resort, nr Bordeaux, France Ooh, hello, said Katie loudly, tossing her hair like a frisky Shetland pony. What do we have here? It was day four of our jolly family vacances but the first day here, at Butlins de la Mer. Wed stopped off at Cecile and Eds friends of Mums and Dads place in Lyon for a couple of days and Katie and I had done a pretty good job of avoiding each other. Helped by the fact that Ceciles nineteen-year-old son Fabien had been shagging her in his bedroom most of the time.

    James isnt much better company, but at least I can hit him whenever he opens his mouth. So now Katie and I were tolerating a rare moment of occupying the same proximity, sitting on the mound of decorative rocks outside our chalet, watching a family arriving, climbing the steps up to theirs.

    A fit boy with dark curly hair and long brown limbs was carrying a lilo and a huge rucksack. Katie leaned back on her arms, pushing her legs into a position where they looked longer and thinner than they actually are. The boy carried on up the steps. He didnt seem to have heard her, didnt even glance at her. Bad luck, Katie. Hey, she said sharply. Are you deaf and blind or something? He stopped, and looked down at her. Forget it, said Katie, getting up and brushing grit off her arse.

    She clambered haughtily down the rocks to the beach. He looked at me, did a double take, and raised his eyebrows.

    Theres two of you? I laughed for the first time in about four days. Ignore her, I said, extending my hand. We are so not identical.

    My names Emily. He was luscious, Id give him that. Katied totally blown it with her fucking hissy fit. He looked back at her, striding angrily across the sand. Does your sister know shes got her mini skirt tucked into her thong? I liked him already. Oh, she knows all right, I said as my mother came ou t of our chalet, beaming like a hetero-seeking satellite. I stood up quickly. Better go, maybe see you later.

    I skipped past Mum who was no doubt already planning her wedding outfit. Definitely, said Josh. Later Emily. Youve made a new friend then, sweetheart? Fair play to her, shed managed to restrain herself for a whole hour while she was getting the food ready.

    I said, innocently. I ate a mouthful of lamb chop. The boy. Josh is it? Hes very handsome. Oh, him. I reached across for the red wine to pour myself another glass. Yes Mum, hes really good-looking. I think Katie wants him, though. Right Katie? No way, Katie snarled, pushing her food round her plate. Pretty boys like that are not my type. Like fuck they arent Mine neither, I said, looking pointedly at Mum. Mum rolled her eyes and gave me a totally infuriating Well see smirk. Oh, you could do a lot worse, she said.

    Both of you. She started collecting up the plates and carried them over to the kitchen counter. Anyone for apple tart? Here we go. Im GAY, I hissed loudly.

    Whatever you say, darling! I preferred Angry Denial. A whole two weeks of this shit. Ive got a call to make. I sashayed past Mum, who pursed her lips, desperate to have the last word. Yeah, said Katie. None for me either. Got to watch my fabulous figure. Even if no one else is, I quipped. I made quickly for the bedroom, slamming the door in Katies face as she got there. Fucking muff-munching bitch, she said, rattling the handle aggressively. I let her in after five minutes of rattling and door-beating, and decided to call Naomi from somewhere more private.

    The beach would do. I left Katie trussing herself up like Jordans little sister. False eyelashes, cement mix foundation, skirt up to her fanny. But what did I know. Shed no doubt find some moron to have sex with her. I didnt imagine theyd be that fussy down at Foam Nite the village disco organised by the holiday reps. Id rather have killed myself than attend that little gathering. It was a clear night as I walked down to the beach.

    Sky turning darker and darker blue. The stars were starting to come out. I lay on the sand, looked up at them and thought about Naomi. I missed her like hell. I checked the time on my phone: not too late to call. She answered immediately.

    Hey lover. It was so good to hear her voice I could have cried. Hey you. Hows it going?

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    I said. Oh, you know. Watching Mum and her boyfriend totally loved up really cant be underestimated as a form of awesome entertainment. I never knew just how stimulating it is watching two old desperados pawing each other every second of the fucking day. Fuck, honey. Thats evil. Its shit. But tonight was always going to be a bit shit.

    She sighed. How about you? Going out of my mind. Mums already tried to set me up with a boy. Oh, Jesus. Just a kid whos got a chalet next door. Seems OK actually. Though, obviously I am not interested. Think I care? I should fucking well hope so! I knew she was smiling, though she didnt answer. I wish you were here with me right now, on this beach, looking up at the stars, I said. Naomi groaned.

    I cant stop thinking about us in my bed. I know. I hesitated. Remind meWhat were we doing in your bed? Naomi began, but then I heard footsteps behind me. Fuck, someones coming, I hissed down the phone. Ill call you back. I turned around to have a go at whoever was creeping up on me. It was Josh. What are you, some kind of perv? I said, looking up at him. I couldnt see much in the darkness, but I could tell that he was smirking.

    Um, no, he said.

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    Im someone with ears. Theres no breeze: sound travels. I stared at him, clutching my phone. Ill leave you to it, he said. He trudged off up the beach. I felt a bit bad. I called after him. If youre not doing anything tomorrowMaybe we could, you know, hang out or something? Josh grinned. Sure, he said, walking backwards now. Id like that. Just give us a knock. I gave a cheery little wave. I watched until I saw him go into his chalet then picked up my phone and pressed redial. Hey you, I said.

    I was worried you might have gone to sleep. No chance. Not when Im thinking about undressing you. Youve got your white cotton knickers on, and Im kissing you up the insides of your lovely thighs Should I take my knickers off? NoIm doing that. Then Im going to move further upSlowly at first then Faster, I said breathlessly. Do it faster. I fucking love it. Can you see my tits?

    Yes, and youre touching themyour nipples are hard. And Im rubbing myself up and down your thigh. My heartbeat was skipping, increasing. I had my hand down inside my knickers, my fingers probing as I imagined they were Naomis tongue. Im going to come, I said breathlessly. I want to kiss you With a euphoric rush I came, one hand trembling clutching the phone to my ear.

    I love you, I said, at the same time as Naomi. I love you so much. Emily Saturday 8 August The chalet It was gone 1am by the time I got to bed and God knew what time Katie got in, so neither of us were interested when Dad tried to wake us at half-eight. I tuned him out but caught the words family and surfing lessons.

    Enough to ensure i was comatose till noon. When I woke, Katie was gone and I had the house to myself. I padded through the kitchen in my PJs and made a cup of tea. I was spreading jam in the baguette when Mum, Dad and James got back from their morning of water-sport-based bonding. Aha, she wakes! Still in jovial mood, then. Im glad youre up and about, said mum, picking up the kettle to refill it. I thought you, Katie and I could spend the afternoon at the spa. Bit of girlie time.

    I said Id meet Katie in town in a bit. Id really, really, rather not. Thanks Mum, it's a nice thought, but I'm not really in the mood.

    I was going to go for a walk. On my own. Oh come on, Emily. Snap out of it,' said Mum. Fuck's SAKE. I'm fine. I just fancy an afternoon to myself.

    Mum sighed. Fine Maybe tomorrow then. So she was still skirting round the elephant in the room. Fine by me if she didnt bring it up, but it made everything so fucking fake. I didnt bother mentioning that I was planning to hang out with Josh today. Id never hear the fucking end of it. I waited till everyone had finally left before I grabbed my stuff for the beach and stopped off at his chalet.

    I knocked and the door opened pretty much immediately. Thank God for that, said Josh. I could hear a womans raised voice in the background as he pulled the door to behind him.

    I raised my eyebrows. She does go on, bless her. I would invite you in, but she's already wetting her knickers at the thought of a potential playmate for the deviant son. We started walking down the steps to the sand. So, I pressed.

    Lets just say Mummy isnt the most progressive woman in the world. A light went on. Me, darling? Why ever would you think that? Just a wild guess. And you? Same' I said. My foolproof gaydar again.

    They're pretending it isn't true. You know. Total denial, that sort of thing. Josh took off his flipflops and stuffed them in his backpack. It was scorching. Not a single cloud anywhere. The beach was already filling up. But half an hour later, we found ourselves on a deserted stretch of sand away from the screaming kids. We lay our towels down by some rocks and I slathered myself with Factor I stripped off to my tankini and sat down. Longish curly brown hair, hazel eyes, broad shoulders, and wearing low-slung khaki swim shorts.

    Just wanted to apologize for embarrassing you last night, when you were on the phone. Im sorry if I sounded arsey. Im just a bit pissed off at being on holiday with my parents. Yknow, missing my girlfriend. Josh poked at some pebbles with a bit of driftwood. I know exactly what you mean. I broke up with my boyfriend a couple of months ago.

    Its why Im here. My parents persuaded me to tag along cause they thought itd cheer me up.

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