SAP Glossary. This product For updating your local SAP Library installation with sar as described in SAP Note Cross-Application. ABAP Development Tools for SAP NetWeaver · ABAP Dictionary (PY) · ABAP Dictionary (BC-DWB-DIC) · ABAP Doc · ABAP Doc comment · ABAP dump analysis. SAPterm - SAP Terminology - This site gives you access to thousand of terminology entries at SAP.

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    SAPterm information for those with SAP system access .. PDF, PDF workflow. Milestone. /project reporting. Monitor statistics. Clarifi- cation of new collection. SAP terminology along with classic financial terminology is used for business at ÎNote: SAP financial terminology is based on general accounting functions. Terminology and Glossary in SAPterm (BC-DOC-TER) .. You can further define the display of terms in the results list by using the functions in.

    This mini glossary should give This mini glossary should give you a list of commonly used ERP terms and industry buzzwords. Accounts Payable — any unpaid balances that your company owes to vendors. Accounts Receivable — any outstanding balances that your customers owe to your company. Actual Cost— The actual amount of money either paid for material or charged as labor, material, or overhead to a work order. Aging — when assets are organized and sorted according to how long they have existed. Allocation — distribution of cost in a manufacturing process. Assemble To Order ATO — a manufacturing strategy that allows users to combine a limited number of sub-assemblies into a large number of possible finished items. This strategy is designed to allow a wide variety of customization options, shorter lead times, and low inventory risk. Business To Business B2B — when the vendor and consumer are both businesses, not end consumers. Bill of Material- A list of the type and quantity of components needed to build a part. Bottleneck — a machine or workstation through which many production items must flow and which when overloaded causes a delay in the production process.

    Dunning incorporates many parameters, but normally the length of time an invoice is overdue is key to determining which notices to send. It is used in FI to classify revenues and expenditures of an organization by function.

    The functional area is often referred to as mission. The functional area will be derived from the cost center.

    Financial data will be separated by Funds so that certain activities can be performed or objectives achieved in accordance with special regulations, restrictions, or limitations. The fund is not hierarchical. The Fund is the lowest level at which a balance sheet can be created. It represents the lowest level area of responsibility for budgetary monitoring and controlling costs by area of responsibility. Funds Center Group Funds Centers can be grouped together to form funds center groups not necessarily hierarchical.

    Funds Center groups will be used to provide the organizational structure for reporting information from the SAP system. Budgeting will be done at the Funds Center level. General Ledger GL Account A structure that records values and represents assets, liabilities, revenues, expenses and fund balances.

    These figures are used for financial reporting.

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    Grant Contains financial conditions and legal rules agreed upon by the sponsor and the University which may require financial reporting. It can cover project costs partially or in total.

    It has a limited life cycle, split into phases, indicated by a system status in GM as follows: Proposal: The proposal is a complete formal document, including budget.

    Award: If the sponsor approves the grant, an award is received. This is the operative phase of the grant. The budget is released in whole or in part in this phase. Conclusion: If an award is expired, but not closed, then it is in the conclusion phase. There are posting restrictions on the grant in this phase. Final Conclusion: The grant has expired and been closed. It can be archived, but no other actions are allowed. Terminated: The grant was terminated, either for internal reasons or because the sponsor rejected the application.

    House Bank A business partner that represents a bank through which the University can process its own internal transactions.

    Internal Order Similar to a cost center , an internal order is used to record and monitor costs and, in some cases, revenues. A guiding principle is that internal orders should be set up for programs that are short-term or finite in nature. Department of Agriculture on an annual basis according to a statutory administrative formula non-competitive funding.

    Eligibility is limited to cooperating land grant institutions.

    sap erp glossary pdf - PDF Files

    Awarded on a federal fiscal year basis October 1 — September Letter of Credit An agreement between a sponsor and the University to provide payment via Federal Reserve ACH when the University requests reimbursement for grant expenses. These sponsors have a secured system through which the University requests payment. Master Data Master data form a pool of information stored on a long-term basis in the SAP system and can be incorporated into individual transactions.

    Master data are entered once and can be modified as needed. Special Purpose Ledger SPL A special purpose ledger provides the ability to produce balance sheets based on fund accounting.

    Most of the financial activities updating general ledger accounts will be posted to the special purpose ledger simultaneously as transactions are processed. It uses the split processor functionality to create entries to balance transactions among funds. Appendix C. BW — Business It also includes data modeling, administration and staging area.

    This functionality explores all the key features of HANA database technologies and uses BW as a modeling tool for data modeling and analytical reporting. See how to take your UI to the next level with this all-in-one resource to implementing and developing analytical, transactional, and fact sheet apps.

    It has been added to the suite to fi ll the gap around formatted reporting. The most used version is You got it.

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